Total body workouts that keep working
Burn fat and promote heart health
Cardio components in the workout will tap into your aerobic system which utilizes fat stores for energy while you’re exercising and increases your body’s overall stamina.
Build Lean Muscle
Incorporating functional strength training gives the body the ability to build muscle mass which in turn increases your body’s ability to burn calories when you are out of the gym.
A balanced athletic body
You can have endurance and be strong, but if you don’t have the ability to combine the two of those into dynamic movement then you will never experience the true after burn effect most HIIT gyms advertise. Power exercises that teach your muscles to be efficient and dynamic leads to the right amount of stimulus to put your body into the fat burning mode for 24-48 hours after the workout.
Your workout is only as good as your recovery
Not only will you get a full body workout that taps into every aspect of training, you will receive guidance on the best ways to recover outside of the gym so you can get the most out of every training session.
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