Billing & Accounts

How do I sign up for Scorch On Demand?

Select a training plan, and check out. You’ll receive a welcome email to set up your account. Lastly, download the app to your phone and sign in.

What is the free trial?

We offer a 7 day free trial of the app. Just sign up and your first week will automatically be free! You will be billed at the end of the 7th day.

How is Scorch On Demand billed?
Our app bills monthly from your sign up date.
How do I change programs?

Please email us at support@scorchfitness.com and we will be happy to change your program for you!

How can I change my email or information?

On your app, navigate to the • • • on the bottom right of the screen. Scroll down to under “My Account” and click on “My Profile.” Select “Edit” to modify any of your information. You can also do this on the web app.

How do I update my payment information?

Please email us at support@scorchfitness.com and we will be happy to change your payment information for you!

Can I pause my subscription?
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pauses in memberships. However, you may cancel your membership at any time, and re-sign up at a later date!
How do I cancel my subscription?

We hate to see you go! But if you must…

Please email us at support@scorchfitness.com and we will be happy to cancel your subscription for you!

Do you offer refunds?
Once billed, we do not offer refunds, but you may cancel your membership at any time!
I need more help!

Please email us at support@scorchfitness.com– we are happy to help!

Training Programs

What programs does Scorch On Demand offer?

We currently offer 4 training programs:

  • At Home (with or without equipment)
  • In Gym
  • Sports Performance
  • Two Soccer Referee Training Programs (At Home and In Gym) with The DeadLift Effect.

You can find more information about each program here. Feel free to email us at support@scorchfitness.com if you are still unsure what program would be right for you!

What is HIIT?
HIIT is short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a recovery period of less intense exercise or rest. You push yourself as hard as you can to get your heart rate up during the intense interval, and then let your body recover during the less intense interval or rest.
Why do Scorch On Demand workouts work? Will I burn more fat using Scorch On Demand than other apps?

Our workouts are scientifically proven training plans designed to burn fat. Scorch On Demand HIIT workouts will get you leaner and stronger no matter what fitness level you are starting at. Check out this article to learn more about why our method works.

I’m new to exercising- is there a program for me?

Absolutely! We have many training plans for all levels from beginner to advanced. Check out our programs page here, or email us at support@scorchfitness.com and we can help decide which program would be best for you!

Do I have to complete the workouts in order? What if I miss a few days?
All of our programs are periodized. Periodization is an exercise design technique that promotes long-term performance improvements by modifying variations of exercise intensity, volume, frequency, and specificity within certain training periods or cycles. It is important that you complete the workouts in order to ensure your safety as well as growth, so we strongly suggest you follow the provided schedule.
Can I use Scorch On Demand while pregnant?
While we believe that staying active while pregnant is important, exercising while pregnant is a personal decision. Please ask your doctor if it is the right choice for you!
Can I use Scorch On Demand with an injury?
While Scorch On Demand programs are built to avoid potential injuries, we know that sometimes injuries happen, old or new. Depending on your injury, you can substitute workouts as necessary in the app. However, please speak with a medical professional before starting any fitness program!
I missed a lot of workouts- can you restart my program?

Sure! Email us at support@scorchfitness.com and tell us what day you’d like your program reset to. You can also move the workouts yourself. We find that it is easier to move many workouts on the website over the app.

Can I privately message a trainer?

Scorch On Demand is designed to be low-cost and accessible to everyone, so direct communication with a trainer is unavailable at this time. For help or training questions, you can either email us at support@scorchfitness.com or ask your question in one of our groups.

What is The Deadlift Effect?

Scorch On Demand has collaborated with The Deadlift Effect to power their soccer referee training programs on the Scorch On Demand app. Developed by certified strength and conditioning coaches knowledgeable about the demands of the game, these programs are based on E.S.P.R. training – Endurance, Strength, Power and Recovery. DLE’s vision is to close the physical athletic gap between soccer referees and the athletes we officiate by providing soccer-focused strength & conditioning programs & sports science education at an affordable cost.


Is there a website with my training program, or just a mobile app?

We have both a website and an app! After purchasing a membership on scorchondemand.com, you can download the Scorch On Demand app in the Apple and Google Play store, and also log into your account online at scorchfitness.trainerize.com.

How do I add and move workouts on my calendar?

You can do this on either the app or the website.

  • On the app, navigate to the Calendar tab on the bottom of the screen. To add a workout, tap the + button and choose the Workout option. Search for the workout you’d like to add. The app will automatically add the workout to today’s schedule. To move it a workout, select the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and choose “Move to another day.”
  • On the website, navigate to the Calendar tab on the left side of the screen. To add a workout, click on the day or click the New button and choose the Workout option as well as the date. Search for the workout you’d like to add. To move a workout, just drag and drop the workout to a new date.
How do I substitute an exercise or workout?
Substitutions are easy!
  • To substitute an exercise, first open your workout and start it. On the right side of each exercise is a • • •; click that and select “substitute.” You can search for an exercise or scroll to see the available exercises. Choose one and click “done.”
  • To substitute a workout, navigate to your calendar and select the + button. Add a workout using the instructions above, and then delete or remove the original workout.
What devices can I connect to the Scorch On Demand app?

You can currently connect your Apple Watch, Apple Health, Facebook, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Withings accounts to the Scorch On Demand app.

How do I connect my devices to the Scorch On Demand app?
Open the mobile app and navigate to the • • • on the bottom right of the screen. On that page, scroll down to the Connect section. Click on the device you wish to connect and follow the on-screen prompts to set it up.
I think I found an issue with the app. How do I report it?

You can check the list of known problems with the app here, or email us at support@scorchfitness.com.

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